Lanty Wylie
June 5, 2017

The last few months have brought a rash of resignations from the Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Inc., (“HAWL”) board of directors. This, in itself, is not troubling, but the reasons for the resignations are troubling.

HAWL is a self-governing Texas non-profit corporation. We operate under Federal, state laws, deed, and rule covenants. The HAWL board of directors are elected by the members or, in case of a resignation or death, appointed by the existing board. All that seems to be pretty straight forward, except when very few, if any, qualified members volunteer for board of directors. Then, some that are directors resign from the board.

1.     How many current or future board members have experience in managing a multi-million dollar corporation?

2.     How many current or future board members really know the difference and association between the City of Hideaway, Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Inc., Lake Hide-A-Way, Inc., Hide-A-Way Lake, Inc., Hide-A-Way Lake Community Church, Hide-A-Way Lake Townhouse Association Number 1, Hide-A-Way Lake Unit #43 Homeowners Association,  and Hide-A-Way Lake Unit #44 Patio Homeowners Association?
(There may be more, but this is all I know.)

3.     How many past, current, and future board members want on the board to push their personal agenda?

4.     In my view, most board members are motivated by “self-actualization.” This is the prime motivator.
(Look it up on Google.)

5.     When board members are not included in HAWL’s operation, excluded from secret meeting, not privy to certain documents, rather than fight (go to JP court) they resign. Some resign for health reasons.

6.     The over-all past management by the board is dismal, and that is stating it very kindly.

7.     Sorry to say, the trend is for Homeowners Associations, in management trouble, is to hire a commercial management firm. Reminds me of Aesop’s fable when the frogs voted for a crane to be their king.

Come to the next board of directors meeting…­­­